TRANSKRIT begins its activity in 1.932 at a time starring the third industrial revolution.

An over 16,000 m2 warehouse in Plaza Txofre in San Sebastian housed three lines of business dedicated to book binding, flexible packaging for food, and offset graphic design, creating jobs for more than 2,000 employees.

Innovating since 1932

Later, around 1975, the company moved to a 8,000 m2 building in the Altza neighbourhood. Mechanisation and the latest technological advances made it possible for the company to focus its business on offset reproduction. One of the company’s distinctive features was the innovation that led it to patent 7 new products and applications.

In 2005, production needs forced the company to move to a more modern 5,600 m2 industrial building in the lintzirin industrial park (Oiartzun) and focus its business on printing security and confidentiality documents, applying cutting-edge technologies in variable data coding and encryption systems.

The company is now located in the Navalaldea industrial park, in A7-A8-A9 in Pasaia, in three buildings that exceed 2,500 m2 and guarantee the company’s continuity over the coming years.


Thanks to a larger storage space for raw material, we have a permanent stock that means we can offer agile service at very competitive prices.

We have anti-theft alarm system connected to an alarm centre, fire detection system, and liability coverage.

Impresiones transkrit SA
Poligono industrial navalaldea Pab A7 -A8 -A9. – 20110 Pasaia – Gipuzkoa, España
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